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Registering an aircraft in the USA

Aircraft Trustee services / Aircraft Trust services

Aircraft Partner Holdings Inc. has more than twenty years experience with FAA registered aircraft and foreign beneficiaries. We offer the absolute best N-Reg FAA aircraft-trustee services (Trust company) available by utilizing agreements and processes that assure security and easy operations of your aircraft. Our team of passionate “Aviators” consists of all types of aviation specialists: Attorneys, Pilots and Mechanics. More than just an Aircraft Trust service, we are your “Aircraft Partner” and offer assistance for all of your aviation needs! Whether your needs include aircraft ownership, insurance, maintenance, aviation law, brokerage or acquisitions, we will provide you with the assistance that you seek.
Try our contactless set up process, click here, or below to begin the application process.

With our Trustee Service, for every start-up you will receive an expedited filing for international operations and radio station license. Additionally, we work closely with several aircraft insurance providers to offer our clients reduced rates. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation along with our rates.
We will then send the agreements for your digital signature and depending on the circumstances, prepare the registration, new purchase agreement, change the “Trust Company” and prepare and submit new FAA registration.
We work with freight forwarding companies, so if you require an export from the USA Internal Transaction Number (ITN), Electronic Export Information (EEI), we assist in providing this for both new and used aircraft.

If you prefer traditional rather than digital methods of communication, feel free to call or email us with your best questions. We love to talk aviation!

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International Transaction Numbers "ITN"

If you are one of the many N-Reg aircraft owners which has not completed the customs export process in the USA and received an ITN, we can provide a solution. Just recently and in response to many aircraft having this issue, the U.S department of commerce has provided guidance on filing post-departure International Transaction Numbers "ITN" through the Automated Export System "AES". AircraftPartner will assist you in getting that number.

Frequently asked questions about FAA N registration:

Which documents do I need to register my new or used aircraft?
(1) Bill of Sale or Purchase Agreement. Form 8050-2
(2) either FAA Form 8100-2, Standard Certificate of Airworthiness or FAA Form 8130-7, Specialized Certificate of Airworthiness.
(3) Maintenance manuals contain the following information:
(a) The total time of the airframe, each engine, and each propeller;
(b) The current status of the timed parts from the airframe, motor, propeller, rotor and device;
(c) The time since the last overhaul of any part of the aircraft that has a time limit.
(d) The current inspection status of the aircraft, including the time since the last inspection.
(e) The current status of the applicable airworthiness directives (AD), the method of compliance, the AD number and the date of change. If the AD includes recurring actions, the time and date when the next action is required; and
(f) A copy of the current major changes to the airframe, motor, propeller, rotor and device.
(4) Equipment list and weight and balance data.
(5) flight manual and / or operating limits

What does airworthy mean?
Two conditions must be met for a standard category aircraft to be found airworthy. These conditions are: (1) the aircraft, its design (type certificate) type, conform to the design and the necessary and correct components are installed and identical to the specifications of the type certificate. Conformity would also apply to Supplementary Type Certifications (STC) and changes approved by 337. (2) The aircraft is in an operationally safe condition. This refers to the condition of the aircraft in terms of wear and tear.

If the aircraft has a 100 hour inspection or has an annual inspection, does that mean that the aircraft is in airworthy condition?
No, it only states that the aircraft was in airworthy condition at the time of the inspection.

Can I fly an N plane with my German license?
Yes, you can, but only within the German borders. That means I can ONLY fly an N-registered aircraft with a European or national license issued in Germany in Germany. Therefore, a validation in a US license is not necessary but recommended so that the aircraft can be legally flown worldwide.

Will my aircraft be part of a pool?
No, the aircraft will never become the property of AircraftPartner. Each aircraft are registered in a separate trust.

What types of registrations do you offer?
Since quite a few laws have changed since 2015, the trust is the only way to register.

Who can do the annual inspection on my N-registered aircraft?
Any aircraft mechanic with an FAA Inspection Authority (I / A) can do the appropriate approvals.

How long does the registration process take?
Processing times depend on the FAA. But the process only takes a few weeks on average.

Can I fly my aircraft to Europe before re-registering?
No. The FAA is acting according to a new law after 9/11, according to which the aircraft must first be registered to the new owner. If you are interested in an aircraft, but you are not sure, we can prepare all contracts and you only give us the N-number when purchasing. Then you or one of our ferry pilots can fly your plane to Europe.

Can you help me with the transfer of the plane from the USA?
Yes. Regardless of whether it is flown or transferred by container. All export formalities. Customs clearance in Europe, Ferry Pilot, additional tanks, HF radio, etc. are part of our service.

If I choose a trust, are the contracts FAA compliant?
Of course. Every contract is checked against current law by the FAA. If this is not compliant, it must be improved. Our contracts have been checked several times and are secure.

What information does the trustee have to provide to the FAA?
The FAA would like to gain more information and influence on the foreign-operated aircraft. The rules have been tightened through the agreements with EASA. Recently, the FAA wants to have the following information from the trustee within 2 days (immediately in an emergency) upon request:
1. The name, address, telephone number, email of the person who normally operates the aircraft.
2. The address where the maintenance documents and records are located.
3. The aircraft's home airfield. The following information must be submitted within 5 days (immediately in an emergency) with the help of the trustor. 1. Information about the operator, the names of the crew including the license number. 2. Where the aircraft was on a specific date or where it will be on a specific date.
It must be ensured that an urgent AD (emergency airworthiness directive) is immediately sent to the owner or operator. The FAA can have the aircraft inspected by a foreign aviation authority if there is reasonable suspicion of a violation of the rules.

Is it true that the aircraft has to be re-registered every 3 years?
Yes. The registration must be renewed regularly. We keep the overview and do it for you. You don't need to worry about it.

What is the purpose of the "Registration Card"?
It is the proof that the aircraft is registered in the US and can be operated legally. It is not proof of ownership. This is expressly described on the reverse as follows: "Effect of Registrations. Title 49 USC [United States Code] 44103 (c) (2) provides: 'A certificate of registration issued under this section is not evidence of ownership of aircraft in a proceeding in which ownership is, or may be, in issue. "

Why should I register with you?
There are many reasons for that:
1. For most customers, price is what matters. But that alone shouldn't be the only reason.
2. We have many years of experience in FAA trusts. We have a lot of satisfied customers. There are constant changes that must be carefully monitored so that the legal changes are adapted.
3. We are pilots as well as certified A&P, I / A we can be available with personal advice.
4. We do not charge any technical or administrative support costs.
5. Transparent prices and no hidden costs.
6. Help with obtaining the required documents.
7. Assistance with shipping if needed.
8. Declaration of customs and import regulations.
9. With us, the service does not end with the invoice.
10. We are entitled to submit the trust and registration documents digitally for quick processing. No post delivery times of days.
11. Registration in a short time, usually within a few days.
12. Complete handling from a single source, regardless of how extensive the order should be.

Can a foreigner register a plane in the US?
In general, only a US citizen or a green card holder can register an aircraft in the FAA register. But there are a few exceptions:
1. If more than 60% of the flight time is flown in the USA. However, evidence must be kept and this must be presented to the FAA every 6 months.
2. If the aircraft is brought into an owner trust and the trustee is a US citizen. The trustor can be a foreigner. This is the most sensible combination when it comes to a private plane.
3. The aircraft is in a voiting trust that is at least 75% controlled by US citizens. This is a very complex structure and is used by large companies or aircraft dealers.
4. The aircraft is in a US company whose board of directors is 75% US citizens and the president is a US citizen. In this case, the aircraft is owned by the company.

How does the aircraft have to be insured?
The operator is responsible for the proper insurance of the aircraft and the pilots. The trustee must be entered on the policy. Minimum coverage US $ 1 million. The German insurers will advise you on this.

Can you register an aircraft with the FAA for a few dollars?
Yes. It is American individuals who give their names for registration. But that can be problematic if your boyfriend is even suspected of a crime. Then all of his possessions can be frozen. And so does your aircraft. A risk that you do not have by registering with a trust.

How can I have my license validated into a US license?
The FAA license validation of the foreign license into an FAA license is relatively easy if you can combine it with a visit to the USA.
Here are the relevant links: https://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/airmen_certification/foreign_license_verification https://www.faa.gov/forms/index.cfm/go/document.information/documentID/186251

Do I need a radio license for the aircraft?
If the aircraft is to be flown outside of the USA, a “Radio Station Authorization” must be applied for from the FCC. This is valid for 10 years. We can apply for this for you. Otherwise the rules of the respective country apply. In Germany, at least BZF II is required.

What is a "Radio Station License"?
The "Radio Station License" is issued by the FCC (The American Telecommunications Authority). This is valid for 10 years, costs $ 185 and can be requested from us. This must be carried on the aircraft for flights outside the USA.

Do I need a "Radio Operator Permit"?
Outside the USA, pilots need a radio operator permit to operate an aircraft. NO EXAMINATION is necessary for this. It is issued at the request of the FCC Telecommunications Authority. This costs $ 85 and is valid for life and can also be requested by us.

Does my 8.33 kHz radio require EASA approval?
No, a TSO or ETSO is sufficient. Quote: "Following an agreement between EASA and the FAA, from the 2nd March 2016, each organization now mutually recognizes TSO / ETSO approvals for certain aircraft products, which includes VHF radio communications equipment. In Europe there is no longer a requirement for a manufacturer to separately approve a piece of equipment that holds a TSO; the equipment can be installed and used as if it has the corresponding EASA approval. Further details on the scheme are on the EASA website. "

Is my German radio communication certificate sufficient?
Yes, you can still fly with your German radio operator certificate, but you need a "Radio Operator Permit", we can apply for this for you and it is valid for life without further testing.

How is my "property" protected?
The trust offers the best protection. In contrast to the corporation, LLC or private (an American friend as a straw man), the trust is the only form of company where the FAA knows the trustor, i.e. you, by name and the asset, in this case the aircraft, is protected. The aircraft is only managed in trust by the trust. It will only be transferred back to you by the trustee, i.e. us. The purpose of the Owner Trust is that the aircraft is operated only for one beneficiary, i.e. you. Therefore: Only an owner trust can offer you absolute security for your property.

Registering through you is inexpensive, what guarantees do I have?
We avoid bureaucratic effort and avoid many cost traps through good preparation. We give many prices 1: 1, so you only pay the actual costs. The FAA's own legal department has recently been checking that everything is correct and that our trust contracts comply with current legislation. If something is wrong, the aircraft will not be registered. So you can be sure that everything is 100% safe and legal.

What do I have to do to switch to AircraftPartner?
Fill out the registration form on this page. Then we will contact the trustee and take care of the relevant trust contracts and registration documents

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